A Dream Come True at Phenom by Girl Scouts

 Francine Collections' Journey at the Girl Scouts of America Phenom Convention Orlando, Florida


The Phenom Convention 2023 brought us face to face with women from the US Navy, Coast Guard, and US Wildlife. Engaging with these dynamic women leaders was enlightening, offering insights into the powerful roles they play. Product,  Francine Collections commitment to sustainable materials found resonance in a world moving to environmental consciousness. 

Image Caption: Francine Collections booth bustling with participants at the Girl Scouts of America Phenom Convention 2023.  

Planting the Seeds of a Powerful Partnership Began in 2019 

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. For Francine Collections, this adage rings true, as our modest two SKU partnership with the Girl Scouts of America in 2019 has blossomed into a vibrant collaboration today of women designing for women. As a legacy Girl Scout herself, Francine and her team of former girl scouts, are honored to design for the Girl Scouts of USA.

Francine Farkas Sears Poses with Product Display at the 2023 Orlando Phenom by Girl Scouts Convention

Future Designers in the Making: The Design-A-Bag Contest  

The Design-A-Bag contest at our booth was a sight to behold, with Girl Scouts aged 7 to 17 channeling their inner Picassos. The creations were so awe-inspiring that Francine couldn't help but quip “they are going to take our jobs". Yay! Move over Francine!

Image Caption: The triumphant five winning designs from the Design-A-Bag contest at the Girl Scouts of America Phenom Convention 2023. 

Behind the Scenes with Madelyn Cika, the Creative Genius Behind Girl Scouts Designs 

During a Q&A session, our designer, Maddy, peeled back the curtain on the design process for the Girl Scout Collection. "It's an ongoing process from the first design mockups to receiving samples, typically taking 2-3 weeks," she shared. Our portfolio has evolved considerably since the inaugural belt bag, now encompassing a range of products from T-shirts, socks, hats, waist bags, custom backpacks, to even jewelry and metal accessories. 


The Ripple Effect of Inspiration: Inspiring Girls from Age 7 to 70 

Immersing in the world of these young, talented future leaders and their mentors was like tapping into a wellspring of energy and inspiration. These interactions reiterated the vital mission Francine Collections has undertaken to fashion stylish, practical bags for the dynamic, multifaceted women who shape our world.  


Looking to the Horizon: What’s Next for Francine and The Girl Scouts? 

The tale of our partnership with the Girl Scouts of America is a dream etched, a narrative that continues to inspire and excite Francine, a Girl Scouts Alum herself. As we set our sights on the future, Francine Collections looks forward to crafting, innovating, and supporting the Girl Scouts with unique designs.

With every sketch and stitch, we aspire to add more chapters to the evolving story of Francine Collections. 

Girl Scouts troop leader tries on the Wheels Up Roller Convertible Backpack by Francine Collection

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