5 Must-Have Items for Going Back to the Office

Offices are opening their doors again and encouraging in-person, collaborative work. For many, returning to a designated workspace while surrounded by fellow influential people creates the ideal work environment that drives them to further flourish as successful professionals. Meanwhile, others might not be as willing to say goodbye to working in their boss babe robes.

After years of curating an at-home workspace, organized and designed to suit your every working need, it's easy to forget what necessities to pack when heading back to the office. To ensure you return to work stylish and prepared, here are five must-have items for going back to the office.

Insulated Travel Mug

A hot cup of coffee or tea plays an essential role in many successful people’s work routines. These drinks fuel the mind and body, and sipping on a warm beverage is also a popular calming mechanism to ease nerves and clear the mind before jumping into a hectic workday. Packing an insulated travel mug allows you to bring your drink to the office and keep it warm throughout the day.

Laptop Docking Station

Docking stations transform laptops into desktops. They contain numerous ports, allowing you to connect your portable computer to a printer, charger, local area networks, monitors, and other desk plug-ins. Packing a docking station gives anyone working from a laptop more abilities and a streamlined desk setup.

Portable Battery Charger

For on-the-go working professionals, phones play a crucial part in the workday. Cell phones are like compact AI personal assistants, helping you with a range of daily tasks, from communication to schedule reminders and transportation information. Carrying a portable battery charger ensures your phone stays charged and ready to assist you.

Oversized Blazer Jacket

When working from home, you control the space. You stock the supplies, choose the office furnishing, and control the thermostat. In communal workspaces, many of those factors are out of your control. Wearing an oversized blazer makes you look professional and stylish while keeping you warm. Unlike traditional fitted blazers, oversized ones mimic a fashionable topcoat for the indoors, ensuring you stay cozy while you work in an overly air-conditioned space.

Designer Laptop Tote

With all the essentials to pack for work, you'll need something to carry it all in. At Francine Collections, our designer laptop bags provide you with a fashionable and functional solution to bring all your necessary work supplies and amenities anywhere. Our crossbody laptop totes keep your work commute hands-free, provide plenty of space for your belongings, and complement any professional, stylish outfit. Perfect for working professional on the go!

Make a good impression when you return to the office with these five must-have office items. From desk supplies to comfortable clothing, these office essentials ensure you show up to work prepared and ready to tackle the day. At Francine Collections, we help successful people like you continue to flourish in their career path with the right tools for the job, like our laptop bags.

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