10 Perfect Mother's Day Gifts for Bag-Loving Moms

Mother’s Day is a special occasion to show appreciation for the remarkable women in our lives who have supported and loved us unconditionally. If you are looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift for a mom who loves bags, there are plenty of options to choose from Francine Collections. Whether you are considering backpacks, city slims, classic styles, convertible bags, crossbody bags, roller bags, sleeves and accessories, totes, gift cards, shiny laptop bags, genuine leather tote bags, or bags that are on sale, there are tradeoffs to consider in each case.  

When selecting a Mother’s Day gift, it’s important to consider your mom’s lifestyle, preferences, and needs. Think about how she will be using the bag and what features are important to her. For instance, if she travels frequently, a roller bag may be a better choice than a tote. If she works in a corporate setting, a classic style or genuine leather tote bag may be a better option than a crossbody for on-the-go. 


Francine Collections Backpacks: The Perfect Choice for On-The-Go Busy Moms  Backpacks are a great choice for moms on the go who need to carry essentials like water bottles, laptops, and books.  

The Highline Convertible Backpack $109.99 - Navy - $87.99 with code MOM20

Chic and Sleek Crossbodies: Must-Have City Slims for Mom's Wardrobe  City slims are a stylish option for moms who like to keep things simple and chic.  

City Slim 7" Dallas Crossbody $39.99 - Blue, Green and Black - $31.99 with code MOM20

Versatile Classic Styles to Embrace Mom's Timeless Beauty  Classic styles, on the other hand, are timeless and versatile, suitable for moms of all ages and preferences.  

The No. 5 Classic 15" Laptop Tote $109.99- Gray - $87.99 with code MOM20

Convertible Bags for Every Occasion: Flexibility is Key  Convertible bags offer the flexibility to be worn as a backpack, tote, or in this case, roller, which can be a game-changer for moms who like to switch things up, take the weight off with wheels and additional strap functionality.

The Wheels Up 16" Roller Convertible Laptop Backpack Tote $99.99
 - Tan -  $79.99 with code MOM20



    Travel in Style: Francine Rollers for the Adventurous Mom  Women want wheels! If your Mom is on-the-move, Francine Collections has the perfect wheeled bag for her daily lifestyle. Our stylish ladies’ rolling laptop bags are the perfect companions for carry-on travel or day-to-day business. Comfortably carry our lightweight women's computer bag with wheels as a backpack, or extend the retractable handle to conveniently convert it into a wheeled laptop & clothing bag.

    The Stryker Duffel Roller $109.99 - $87.99 with code MOM20

    Modern Moms Loves Crossbody Bags! Hands-Free and Hassle-Free Luxury  Crossbody bags are ideal for moms who prefer a hands-free option, while roller bags are perfect for moms who love to travel in style.   Choose from various sophisticated colors with soft microsuede linings so Mom's devices and belongings will stay safe and sound.

    The Stryker Crossbody (10" Tablet) $69.99 -  $55.99 with code MOM20

    Accessorize to Impress: Sleeves and Accessories for Every Bag Sleeves and accessories are great add-ons to bags, providing extra protection for electronic devices and additional storage for small items.  

    The Lexington Ave 13" Tech Sleeve $49.99- Black - $39.99 with code MOM20

    From Groceries to Gym Clothes: Totes for Every Purpose Totes are another popular choice, as they can be used for multiple purposes such as carrying groceries, books, or gym clothes.  

    The Indiana Zippered 16" Tote $109.99- Tan - $87.99 with code MOM20


    Gift Cards: The Perfect Choice for Picky Moms Gift cards can also be a good option for moms who are picky about their bags, allowing them to choose their favorite style. 

    Shop Gift Cards - From Denominations of $25-150

    Add Some Shimmer to Mom's Life: The Allure of Shiny Laptop Bags If you are looking for something that adds a bit of flair to your mom’s wardrobe, then a shiny laptop bag may be the way to go.  

    The Venice Sparkle Tote $79.99 - Silver or Black - $63.99 with code MOM20

    The Napoli Sparkle Backpack $79.99 - Silver or Gold - $63.99 with code MOM20


    Luxury at its Finest: Genuine Leather Tote Bags for the Discerning Mom  Genuine leather tote bags, on the other hand, are perfect for moms who appreciate quality and craftsmanship.  

    Made Easy Genuine Leather Tote $109.99 - Available in Black, White, Green and Brown - $87.99 with code MOM20


    Save Money While Spoiling Mom: Bags on Sale for the Budget-Conscious Shopper Francine Collections have the best price for quality bags which can be a budget-friendly option, allowing you to purchase a high-quality gift without breaking the bank. Click here to see bags on sale, and don't forget to use MOM20 discount code. For a limited time only, purchase any Francine Collections bag for 20% off with code MOM20 at checkout.

    Ultimately, it's the thought that counts and the perfect Mother’s Day gift for a mom who loves bags will depend on a variety of factors. Consider the tradeoffs involved in each option, such as cost, style, functionality, and durability. By doing so, you can choose a bag that is both practical and stylish, and one that will make your mom feel loved and appreciated.

    Reach out to us at marketing@francinecollections.com if you or Mom have any questions about styles to consider. Happy shopping! 


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