Beach to Boardroom: Francine's Versatile Summer Bag Edit

Step into summer with Francine Collections, where every bag tells our story of function meets sun-kissed fashion. Imagine a collection where you're just as ready for sandy shores as you are for the next board office meeting. The luxe vegan leather of Francine's Indiana Tote, perfect for urban adventurers, to the shimmering silver allure of our Napoli Backpack, we designed a collection that promises seamless transitions. Dabble in Sparkle styles from day-to-night, and experience the elegance of weekending with Stryker Wheeled Duffel Roller; We've redefined summer chic. Dive in, and let this edit elevate your Summer escapades with both cool comfort and sizzling style.

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Our Top Picks for this Season:

Florence Roller Tote (Gray)

Color: Gray. Lining: Beige. Hardware: Gunmetal.

Compatible with: Up to a 17.3" Laptop & 12" Tablet. Shop it here.

Why we love it: The neutral gray combined with the beige lining offers a sophisticated, muted palette perfect for any setting and season. The gunmetal hardware adds modern elegance, making transitions from beachside brunches to corporate meetings effortless. Not to mention, from Summer to Fall! 

Made Easy Tote (White)

Made Easy Genuine Leather White Laptop Tote Bag by the pool with a water bottle, pool towel, flip flops and sunglasses
Color: White. Lining: Suede.

Compatible with: Up to a 17.3" Laptop. Shop it here. 

Why we love it: Embodying the spirit of summer in its pristine white shade, The Made Easy tote's suede lining introduces a touch of luxury, making it a quintessential companion for wanderlust-loving women.

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Stryker Duffel Roller & Crossbody (Black)

Stryker Roller Duffel in Airport leaning against vintage luggage as a plane takes off in the backgroundStryker Crossbody on the Beach

Color: Black. Lining: Green. Hardware: Gold.

Duffel - Compatible with: Up to a 16" Laptop. Shop Stryker Roller here.

Crossbody - Compatible with: Up to a 10" Tablet. Shop Stryker Crossbody here.

Why we love it: A marriage of functionality and chic Stryker style, this collection is perfect for weekend getaways or business trips. The rich black and green combination, accented with gold hardware, breathes luxury and adventure into travel days.

Napoli Backpack (Gold)

Gold Napoli Laptop Backpack on the sand at beach with sun hat and sunglasses
Color: Gold. Lining: Black. Hardware: Silver.

Compatible with: Up to a 14" Laptop. Shop it here.

Why we love it: For the bold and the beautiful, this shimmering gold backpack is a statement piece. Equally apt for day trips or evening soirées, its versatility stands unparalleled.

Indiana 16" Zippered Tote (Rust)

Indiana Laptop Tote sits by the pool with an open magazine and Sunscreen
Color: Rust.  Lining: Vegan Leather. Hardware: Gunmetal.

Compatible with: Up to 16" Laptop.  Shop it here. 

Why we love it: Whether you're heading back to the office, hailing a cab, or setting off on a safari, the Indiana Tote is your go-to. Meticulously designed with fashion, form, and function in mind, it promises to spaciously support all your essentials. The bag's mix of smooth and raised leather aesthetics, combined with its practical features, makes it a must-have for every modern woman.

Highline Convertible Backpack (Red)

Red HIghline convertible backpack with a blue book, yellow sunglasses and tequila sunrise mocktail by the poolside
Color: Red.  Lining: Black. Hardware: Gunmetal. 

Compatible with: Up to a 15" Laptop. Shop it here.

Why we love it: Offering unmatched versatility, this convertible backpack is a summer essential. Its fiery red hue exudes the season's spirit, and its convertibility ensures you're prepped for any occasion.

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For the driven, wanderlust-loving women, Francine Collections offers more than mere accessories. Each bag is a statement, a companion, a testament to your summer adventures. Choose wisely and step out this Summer in unparalleled style!

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