Francine's Essential "Back to Business" Laptop Bag Guide

Torn Between a Bathing Suit and a Business Suit?Francine's been there. Diving into professional life after a summer requires the right tools and we aren't just talking about school books & laptops. You need the right accessories complimenting your journey from poolside to presentation.

Francine's Back-to-Business, Back-to-School, Back-to-Freelance, Bag Collection! Whether you're prepping for intense autumn deadlines or basking in the late Summer Sun, there's one thing we can all agree on: a fabulous bag is a game-changer when getting back into business. As we transition from "bathing suit" to "business suit" this Fall, we’ve got your back (literally!) with Francine Collections back-to-business laptop backpack, roller, crossbody and tote bag guide.

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Tribeca Backpack 

Tribeca Backpack with fresh pink flower next to model with pixie cut & hand in hot pink power suit pocket, looking ready for business

  • Why you'll love it: Minimalist yet packed with features. Perfect for commuting moms, bloggers, and UX designers. This bag is so light and spacious enough to hold a change of clothes, devices up to 15.6 inches, and every small necessity from lip balm to keys. Hop on a bike, catch a train, or book that Uber – Tribeca’s designed to make life smooth!
  • Features: From padded laptop compartments to zip out water bottle sleeves, this backpack is designed for hands-free, hassle-free adventures. Available in a chic black with teal or burgundy with gray linings.
  • Explore the Tribeca Backpack here 

Highline Convertible 15" Backpack 

Tan Highline on Woman standing at ocean with sun hat on, back view in bikini and linen shirt beach wear

  • Why you'll love it: Transformative style. Whether you’re a student, CEO, or lawyer, Highline backpack doubles as a crossbody tote. From airports to parks, the convertible Highline caters to your dynamic life. 
  • Features: The backpack straps convert to being an everyday essential.
  • Explore Highline here. Available in colors like Black, Grey, Red, Navy, and Tan. 

Daytimer 13” Laptop Backpack 

Daytimer backpack with a pink bikini top and book by the pool accompanies by a cold drink and sunglasses

  • Why you'll love it: Compact yet spacious. It’s an everyday delight for those looking to merge style with utility. 
  • Features: From champagne polyester lining to a top carry handle, it's all about comfort and elegance. 
  • Explore Daytimer Backpack here

Miami City Slim 14" Crossbody Backpack 

Miami City Slim Crossbody Laptop 13" Backpack styled with high-end athleisure

  • Why you'll love it: Perfect for everyday errands. Plus, with new colors soon to be available, there’s one for every mood! 
  • Features: Padded adjustable straps, laptop and tablet sections, and much more. 
  • Explore Miami Backpack here

Wheels Up 16” Laptop Backpack & Roller 

Navy Wheels Up Roller with trolley handle going up and down while the bag in spinning in GIF format with sandy beach & ocean backdrop

  • Why you'll love it: Travelling for work? Wheels Up Roller & Laptop Backpack combines style, convenience, and practicality. 
  • Features: Rubber wheels, adjustable webbing backpack straps, padded compartments, and the list goes on. 
  • Explore Wheels Up here.


The Stryker Crossbody 

 The Stryker 10" Tablet Crossbody is shown with tan pressed women's workwear suit, with gold mule slides and gold necklace. Along with a plane ticket in bag pocket and passport shown as a travel accessory.

  • Why you'll love it: Sophistication meets function with the Stryker Collection. Travel, shop, or explore the city, this crossbody is your elegant companion. 
  • Features: Multiple zippered pockets, adjustable shoulder strap, and the promise of timeless elegance. Pair it with the Stryker Duffel Roller, and the Stryker 17" Wide Tote.
  • Explore Stryker Crossbody here.

City Slim - Dallas 7" Crossbody 

Dallas Crossbody in emerald green shown as an accessory to a floral print green summer dress

  • Why you'll love it: Lightweight and tech-friendly. 
  • Features: Easily slide your device into its main compartment and stay organized with multiple pockets. 
  • Explore Dallas crossbody here.


Genuine Leather Made Easy Carryall Laptop Work Tote 

White Genuine Leather Made Easy Laptop Tote with Towel and Water bottle by the pool

  • Why you'll love it: Luxury, durability, and style – all in one sought-after tote. 
  • Features: Spacious interior, genuine leather, and compatibility with up to 17" Laptops. 
  • Explore Made Easy here

Stryker 17” Wide Laptop Tote 

Stryker Wide Laptop Tote shows from every angle in a gif, with the price shown of $109.99 USD next to Kendall Jenner wearing a trench to display one way to style the bag when heading "back to business"

  • Why you'll love it: Styker Tote is a blend of fashion and function. 
  • Features: Spacious pockets, wide laptop section, elegant gold chain straps, and the ever-so-chic black vegan leather exterior. 
  • Explore Stryker 17" Wide Tote here.

So, there you have it! Dive into your professional pursuits this Fall with the confidence of having the perfect bag accessory. From sunny parks to bustling business centers, Francine Collections ensures you make an impression, everywhere you go. Thank you for reading...

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