Meet Francine

Throughout her career, Francine Farkas Sears has written a story of elegance and leadership as she paved the way for fellow businesswomen. From the start, she has exhibited powerful generosity, honor, and wit propelling her through 40 years in the business world. She has launched the careers of many younger women and even found the time to raise five children: Cindy, Georgette, Alex, Ben and Isabel

A devotion to community involvement and charity has set her apart, as her recognition for design capabilities, premier professionalism, public speaking opportunities, love for cooking, and a dedication to business like no other, has lead her to win the Notable Women in Business Award (2010).

Founding Francine Collections 

Francine has experienced firsthand the need for organization and seamless travel. She was inspired by her own journey to create something functional and elegant for her customers. The timeless Francine Collection was founded on this basis.

Making HiStory

Francine has been nationally recognized  for her dedication and generosity in the workforce by NewsWeek, and the New York Times.

1972: A Trip to ChinA
Twenty-Five Men. One Woman. 

China was "closed" for 26 years for Americans.
25 men and only 1 woman were invited as top luminaries and dignitaries to re-enter.   
Francine Farkas Sears was invited and honored as the first American business woman invited to China after President Nixon re-established trade relations, for this groundbreaking trip.

1978: Founding Fabrique, LTD 

Fabrique remains a major player in the design and manufacturing of functional cases for consumer electronic products.  Known for industry leading computer luggage and related products, Fabrique, ltd. is one of the first to make a case devoted to the portable computer user. 
Stylish cases with a unique flair that always meet the strict safety requirements of the world’s top technology companies is a specialty.  


ALWAYS Dedicated to Women

2010: u.s. congress

Congress Woman Rosa L. DeLauro of Connecticut acknowledged Francine Sears in the US Congressional Record on September 29, 2010 for her accomplishments in business and the community.

2019: social justice

Francine Farkas Sears received the Diversity Award from the Urban League of Connecticut for her leadership, service, and dedication to inclusion in her community.

1980: planned parenthood  

When the government stopped funding for women in need, Francine took action.  became a committee member of the New Haven Planned Parenthood and sold Bouquet Garni to for women's medical care across the United States. $95,000 were raised in these grassroots efforts.

2005: paving the way  

Francine became a member of the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women

2009: woman's 50 Fastest

Became a member of the Women Presidents’ Organization and received the 50 fastest Growing Companies Owned by a Woman Award from the WPO.