3 Laptop Backpacks for Women That Are Versatile and Stylish

While working from anywhere sounds extra nice these days, schlepping a heavy laptop around in your standby work bag can feel daunting... and well, heavy. Laptop backpacks for women can be super handy—not to mention serve as a lifesaver for your shoulders—whether you’re packing up to work from the office, enrolling in courses for next semester on campus, or heading to a coworking space to get some work done. 
These bags are designed to hold laptops, from a smaller 12-inch laptop or tablet to a brand spanking new 15-inch MacBook Pro. Unlike your average work bag, which concentrates all the weight on one side of your body, having a bag with a dedicated laptop compartment— with backpack straps to keep your weight centered—can help you keep your posture upright and your vision strong for what’s ahead. 
Laptop backpacks are true workhorses. In addition to being a work backpack, they can serve as travel backpacks, with compartments to accommodate anything could need on-the-go (think chargers, hand sanitizer, books— all things travel). At Francine Collections you will find laptop bags that are easy-to-clean and water-resistant, with organization features, even convertible adjustable straps for you to switch up your look. Not in the mood for a backpack? Switch to crossbody if that’s what your style and mood calls for that day.  
But it’s not just all function—you’ll find form here, too. You can find leather or faux-leather laptop bags or backpacks for a more polished look, even minimalist nylon bags that serve double duty as a convertible laptop tote (or even a diaper bag). We reviewed our best-sellers and under-the-radar laptop bags for women alike to help you find the perfect one for you. 


Francine’s Highline Backpack converts to a crossbody tote! The purposeful and practical design of our bestselling Highline is made for your busy lifestyle. Whether you're headed to a conference, biking to a sales meeting, or jet-setting, the sleek design considers every detail for you, the modern professional. Available in Black, Red, and Grey.  Shop Highline here. 


Highline Convertible Backpack and Laptop Tote




A versatile backpack designed to keep you rooted while on the move. Dedicated pockets for every necessity—gym shoes, wallet, phone, lip balm, pen, keys— a padded interior sleeve secures your laptop as you commute by bike, train, or Uber. The Tribeca checks every box for hands-free, hassle-free, and smart, organized mobility. Available in Black, Burgundy and Taupe. Shop Tribeca here. 


Tribeca Laptop Backpack for women with accessories




The City Slim Collection introduces this sleek and slim cross body sling backpack, perfect for everyday errands, or sightseeing when you want to keep things light and easy. Available in Black, Blue and Green. Shop the Miami Collection here. 


Black Miami City Slim Laptop Compatible Backpack one strap for women work bag
Blue Miami City Slim Laptop Backpack for women



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