5 Creative Ways to Take Your Work Outfit From Day to Night

Sometimes, after a long day of hard work in the office, the best way to relax is with a ladies night. The problem is that you might not always have time to go home and change out of your work attire. We all love looking stylish with our friends, so use this brief guide for creative tips to transform your outfit from day to night!

Swap Out Your Shoes

You probably wear loafers or a pair of low heels when you're in the office. Simply changing your shoes can elevate your entire outfit. Consider a different style, heel height, or color to alter your outfit into something more fun.

Layer Your Clothes

Do you have an adorable short sleeve or strapless blouse? While you can’t wear it by itself around the office, this top is perfectly acceptable if you cover it with a blazer or cardigan. Then remove your jacket at the end of your day to show off your blouse. You can also layer a sweater over a dress that’s knee length or midi. At work, your dress functions as a skirt, but after hours, you’ll be in a dress that makes you feel beautiful.

A Versatile Bag

It’s astounding how much a purse can transform any outfit, and let’s be honest, ladies, most of us have an entire collection of bags. Sometimes you need a small purse, and other times you need to bring out your prized tote that holds everything. When it comes to transforming your outfit, strive to find multi-functional bags. You may have to lug your laptop back and forth—especially if you work a hybrid-style job— and juggling a backpack and purse isn’t fashionable.

Francine Collections

Francine Collections sells all sorts of bags for a stylish working woman. Our women’s laptop bags function as a purse and a place to store your computer. Why sacrifice fashion when you can have it all? Get a bag you’ll love using for those fun nights out after work, traveling, and anything else you can imagine.

Add Some Jewelry

Another way to alter your work outfit at night is to add some jewelry. You may not be able to wear bold statement pieces in the office, but you can pack them in your bag to add a little something extra to your outfit for a night out. Accessorizing is one of the best ways to make an outfit stand out. You can wear your favorite gemstones or a statement necklace that draws all eyes to you.

Pro Tip

Designate one zipper compartment in your bag to store your accessories and to keep your jewelry safe when you’re in the office.

The Little Black Dress

Every woman needs a little black dress in her wardrobe because you can wear it anywhere. You’ll look professional and ready for work with a blazer and some loafers. But when five o’clock hits and it’s time for a fun night out, you can remove that blazer and put on some heels. Feel free to let your hair down and add some lip gloss for some extra flair. And like that, you’re ready for a night out!

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