10 Stylish Accessories for Women in the Workplace

Women in the workplace exude power, beauty, intelligence, and so much more. As many have said, “There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.” We could not agree more. You are breaking long-standing societal expectations, positively influencing the world, and making things happen. Go you!

Of course, no superwoman is complete without some confidence-building accessories that enhance the feeling and look of the “woman in tights” role you already embody. Here are ten stylish accessories for women in the workplace that’ll help you rise in style.

1. The Power Blazer

Power manifests in many ways, and blazers are one of them. Their professional, demanding, and fashion-impacting hold makes blazers—especially tapered ones—surge with influence. They will take command and help you enter center stage. When you wear a blazer, you mean business. Plus, you can create a sophisticated look that builds confidence with an accessory made for women in the workplace.

Add a sleek power blazer to your professional wardrobe, like a simple tailored black one or a fancy velvet edition. Style a refined fashionable look. Radiate confidence in your power blazer, and excel in all that you do.

2. Miranda Priestly Pumps

Miranda Priestly—from Devil Wears Prada—defines a stylish, powerful professional in the Hollywood fictional universe. She embodies an independent working woman who knows what she wants. A more modern rendition is Sylvie from Emily in Paris.

Both powerhouses wear pumps. It’s a fashionable accessory that makes a mark, perfect for a fashionable working woman. They elevate, attract attention—with their gravity-defying design—and feature sophisticated simplicity with sharp lines.

3. Back-Up Comfy Flats

Flats are your best friend if you prefer to dominate the workplace in comfort. They keep you grounded—literally—giving you lots of mobility, stability, and functionality. They help you get your work done with ease and comfort.

Like many great fashion accessories, flats come in various forms and styles. Luckily, they are not bulky, and you can easily store them in a slim laptop bag. The best type of flats for the workplace are minimalistic, sleek, and embellished with gold or metallic detailing. They create a sophisticated and professional look while also keeping you comfortable as you take on the day. Flats make great backup accessories for when your feet start to strain from the Priestly pumps.

4. Black Boss-Babe Boots

Another must-have shoe accessory for work is a pair of black boss babe boots. Compared to flats and pumps, boots give you a happy medium with the benefits of both. They provide more support than the thin heels on pumps while stylishly lifting you off the ground.

Pairing block-heeled black boots with a pantsuit and a tapered blazer creates a sharp and distinguished appearance that gives you confidence and command. Succeeding and growing in a professional environment is easier when you feel like a powerful boss babe.

5. Signature Statement Jewelry

Professional attire is all about simplicity. Wearing signature statement jewelry pieces allows you to add a little pizazz to your look without overwhelming your put-together ensemble. They include a pendant necklace, bejeweled rings, inscribed metal bracelets, and any other preferred jewels and embellishments. Pick one accessory that brings on the blitz, represents you and acts as a focal piece to your look to complement the simplicity of your business wear.

6. Sparkling Diamond Studs

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and a symbol of success, making them the perfect accessory for women in the workplace. They exude class, elegance, and sophistication in any environment. They make you appear important and in command, like the influential professional you are.

Diamond studs allow you to show off your jewels without causing a distraction. They also stay out of the way and don’t interrupt your daily grind. Accessorize your work outfit with diamond studs and feel like professional royalty. It’s like embodying Princess Diana in her statement suits!

7. Dainty Wristwatch

Timeliness is important in the workplace. It demonstrates effective organizational skills, discipline, eagerness, dedication to your role, and many other respectable qualities. Stay punctual at work with a wristwatch.

Having time in the palm of your hand—or, in this case, on your wrist—allows you to keep better track of your day. It also shows your coworkers that you take your work seriously. Watches are also a quintessential symbol of professionalism, business attire, and influence. It means you always have somewhere to be. Dainty wristwatches exude sophistication with a touch of elegance. Bulky watches create eyesores and often get in the way when writing or typing. Dainty watches are minimalistic and sleek, providing fashionable functionality.

8. Sophisticated Silk Scarves

Silk scarves might seem like a strange accessory to throw into your professional wardrobe but hear us out. Silk scarves were a monumental fashion piece from the 1920s up to the 70s. Audrey Hepburn famously said, “When I wear a silk scarf, I never feel so definitely like a woman, a beautiful woman.” They have a history of empowering women. Plus, their silky fabric adds a delicate touch and femininity to a look, and their designs subtly add color to your outfit.

Pairing your suit, dress, or laptop bag with a silk scarf enhances your look with a women-empowered statement. It odes to the starlets of the past, accessorizes your outfit, and makes you feel like a beautiful and talented woman, like Hepburn.

9. Simple Polished Belt

Completing your outfit with a belt offers many benefits. Belts are more than a contraption designed to keep your bottoms from falling. They also embellish your sense of style and accentuate your figure.

Wearing belts around your waist creates a more defined shape. It highlights your curves to produce sleek lines and break up your overall appearance. They also add detail, accessorizing a plain dress, pair of pants, or skirt. Keep the professional, sophisticated appearance with a simple polished belt, like a plain black leather one sporting a gold buckle.

10. Powerhouse Work Bag

A successful woman isn’t complete without a powerhouse work bag. Accessorizing your professional attire with a stylish, sophisticated businesswoman bag transforms you into an unstoppable force. They enhance your confidence, keep you organized, ensure your work necessities stay safe, and adorn a sleek outfit with timeless elegance. The perfect powerhouse bag offers functionality and style, allowing you to rise in the workplace with stylish success.

Before returning to the office, consider jazzing up your wardrobe with these ten stylish accessories for women in the workplace. Create sophisticated professional outfits that embody power and stylish charm. A working woman with the right accessories exceeds limitations and rises to every occasion!

10 Stylish Accessories for Women in the Workplace

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