5 Items That Will Make Your Commute Easier

“It’s not the destination; it’s the journey.” Between rush hour traffic, the panic of timeliness, and the stress of dealing with various uncontrollable factors standing between you and your office, commutes aren’t a walk in the park. If we could skip the arduous commute, we would.

Although we can’t fast-forward to our destinations, we can make the journey more bearable with the right travel accompaniments. Here are five items that will make your commute easier.

1. Tangle-Free Wire Organizer

Tangled wires create a lot of clutter. They hide items out of reach, like Sleeping Beauty’s thorn forest minus the spikes. They are messy and frustrating when you’re trying to find your necessities on the go.

Wire organizers keep the chaos of tangles secured and away, ensuring your bags remain organized and commute friendly. No one wants to deal with various knotted cords while juggling the stress of catching your bus, driving in the morning rush hour, or navigating crowded sidewalks.

2. Easy Access Card Holder

For even more on-the-go accessibility, invest in a card holder. You can secure these items inside the pockets for safety to give yourself streamlined access to your cards and photos. Card holders reduce the time spent rummaging around in your bag for tickets, key cards, and money.

There’s nothing more stressful and infuriating that not being able to find what you need when needed. A compact dedicated card holder keeps your wallet essentials close by.

3. Comfortable Shoe Inserts

If your commutes involve a lot of walking—or strutting because you’re a stylish powerhouse that makes any sidewalk your runway—then padded shoe inserts are for you. They add a little comfort to your stride, reducing aches and other forms of wear and tear on your feet.

Plantar fasciitis, calluses, and blisters damper on-foot commutes. Prevent pain from raining on your parade by investing in comfortable shoe inserts that allow you to walk to work with ease.

4. Entertainment Duo: Earbuds and Audiobook 

Do you have a long trek to the office? Stay entertained on your journey with the ultimate commute entertainment duo: earbuds and audiobooks. Although not technically an item, audiobook apps are a commute must-have. They give you a hands-free—and vision-free—source of amusement that can keep you occupied on the road to work, making long commutes fly by.

5. Multifunctional Convertible Backpack

Commutes are easier when you have all that you need at your side. A women’s convertible backpack enhances your trip to work by providing you with a multifunctional bag that’ll store your on-the-go essentials with ease. They allow you to carry your items in various ways that suit your needs—crossbody, on your back, or on the shoulder—adding comfort to your trek.

A stylish and functional work backpack from Francine’s paired with these other commute-with-ease essentials makes the journey to your destination much more bearable. These essentials allow you to start and end your work day in a more enjoyable way. Don’t let commutes affect your success—instead, travel to work with ease.

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