Francine Knows: Women Want Wheels

You Are a Woman On-the-Move with Francine's Elite Roller Range 

For the modern woman, life is nine-to-nine and then some. From breakfast meetings, midday strategy sessions, evening client dinners, and weekend seminars. Francine understands and lives this dance and curates roller collections to ensure that your wheeled companion is as dynamic as you are.


The Perfect Plus-One: Mobile Warrior Laptop Bags for Overnight Trips 

In today's dynamic business environment, a successful professional needs mobility. It's all about jetting off to distant locations, ensuring that you carry your office with you. The right laptop roller holds your gadgets and your life's personal and professional needs.  

1. Croco Overnight 17" Roller: Visualize exiting the airport terminal or stepping out of a cab with Francine's croco-embossed vegan leather roller by your side. You're heading to a hotel, prepping to conquer the next hurdle or business challenges. Croco's compartments are perfectly designed for your essential work tech day, change of clothing, and that special nighttime novel. Croco Roller epitomizes the blend of work and relaxation. Colors are shades of regal Black and earthy Brown with contrast bright linings for easy visibility. You exude confidence and readiness for every endeavor. 

Croco Roller in Brown Croco Vegan Embossed Leather with trolley handle shown in the up and down position

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Francine's Luxe Picks: Where Wheeled Elegance Meets Functionality 

High-end events, be it a corporate gala or an international conference, demand meticulous planning. From the speech notes to the iPad, from the business cards to the evening clutch, everything has its' place, and Francine ensures that you always have yours. 

2. Florence 17.3" Roller: Envision stepping into a grand conference hall, this tote effortlessly glides with you. For events where you're the keynote speaker, the Florence’s compartments are thoughtfully designed, ensuring your tech gadgets are protected and your personal items are within arm's reach. Color options are classic Black, Gray or vivacious Burgundy. All emblems of your refined taste. 

3. Stryker Duffel Roller: Picture jetting off for an international seminar. The Stryker duffel stores your belongings, and its protective electronics compartment safeguards your jewelry and laptop. Its spacious sections mean your clothing remains crease-free, your laptop stays protected, and high heels — for your evening networking event — are stowed away.


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Winter Workshops & Seminars: Practical Meets Chic with Francine’s Wheels Up Rollers

There's a nip in the air, signaling the season of networking, learning and seminars.  Workshops beckon, and as you move from one to another, your bag effortlessly meets your pace and style.

4. Wheels Up Convertible Roller Backpack: You're maneuvering through a crowded seminar venue. Your roller is carrying your workshop materials; It ensures networking without restraint. As you transition from sessions to breakout groups, from indoor discussions to outdoor team activities, Wheels Up Convertible backpack roller seamlessly fits every setting. Its' as adaptable as you are. 

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Francine's Finest: Our Roller Collection for Active Learners & Movers

From the early-morning rush to grab a cappuccino before the first session, to the evening relaxing glass of merlot, after a successful meeting, Francine’s Roller Collection celebrates with you every step of the way. It's much more than a bag; it's a testament to you, the multifaceted women on the move.

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