Francine’s 10 Essentials for the Woman-on-the-Go

As the late Lucille Ball recognized, “it doesn't pay to get discouraged.” Every woman needs to believe that she has the power, potential, and capability to accomplish anything she sets her mind to throughout the frenzy hullabaloo of everyday life.

Despite this, we often feel immense pressure as busy modern women to be prepared for whatever comes our way. It is important to be physically and mentally equipped for life’s never-ending wonderments and crises, all while striving to look and feel our absolute best. Yet, when we begin to schlepp around everything-but-the-kitchen sink in our favorite bags for personal, parental, or business needs, we become burdened by the weight of it all.

Never fear—we’ve curated a list of the top must-have essentials to bring along with you through the active hustle and bustle of working, commuting, running errands, and traveling. Here are Francine’s 10 essentials for the woman-on-the-go.

The Everyday Carryall: A Versatile Bag

First and foremost—when you have a plethora of places to go—start with the essential bag. Not all bags are created equal. When selecting your carryall companion for your journeys, the best on-the-go choice for every type of busy woman is a light bag with optimal versatility. Opt for one that's effortlessly wearable in multiple ways to accommodate all your needs and activities throughout the day and after hours.

On that account, you need to find a bag that keeps your belongings safe and secure when moving swiftly from point A to point B. The goal is to stay as organized as possible with multiple zippered slip pockets, compartments, and slots that keep the must-have necessities accessible. Toting along a laptop, tablet, or other high-priority electronic gear? A zippered business bag has enough space to fit your laptop and has specialty compartments to stow and hold your tech devices.

Check out the City Slim Phoenix Laptop Crossbody in Green.

For the Modern Professional: A Convertible Crossbody

When walking out the door and leaving the comforts of home behind, a robust, well-made bag with a purposeful and practical design will give you peace of mind wherever the journey leads. The Francine team recommends our simple-yet-elegant crossbody laptop backpacks, such as the City Slim or Highline convertible, which can carry up to a 15-inch computer.

On-the-go women can benefit from sleek, stylish bags that reign supreme in appearance and functionality. Transform your everyday look with Francine’s minimal-styled bag with maximum utility features and easily hold all your daily essentials.

The Basics: Keys and Wallet

Now, what necessities should you assuredly place in your bag? The initial must-haves for on-the-go women are the most personal essentials. These are items that you can’t easily go to a nearby store to buy or quickly replace if lost, stolen, or forgotten: your keys and your wallet. While these basics are self-explanatory, you need to have them accessible in your bag and safely stowed.

Place necessary keys on a sleek-and-organized key leash to avoid weighing down the bottom of the bag or fumbling aimlessly when getting home in the dark. Keep keys in a secure yet easy-to-grab spot in your bag for safety purposes. Likewise, ensure your wallet has a designated home inside your bag, such as a zippered or slip inner pocket. No woman wants to be frantically hunting down cash or cards when shopping. Francine’s card holder is another option to keep your go-to cards and pictures in one secure place.

Go-To Electronics: Cell Phone and Laptop

Where would modern women be without innovative technology and its life-changing tools? While today’s tech gear can be bulky to carry around, these items are essential to have close by during the busiest hours of the day. Using your choice of garden-variety bag—with multi pockets and compartments—will help keep your phone, laptop, and supplementary cables protected, organized, untangled, and within reach.

A Pair of Earbuds or Headphones

Sometimes we need to cancel out the endless commotion of the world with music or noise-canceling silence. Other times we need to zone in and clearly hear other people’s voices. Are these cases true for you? Another of Francine’s essentials for the woman-on-the-go to pop into your bag is a pair of headphones or earbuds. Fortunately, headphones and earbuds can be easily worn and carried on the go. Your choice depends on any preferences for comfort, sound, and features alongside the size and weight of the design.

A Portable Charger or Power Bank

You never know when you may need quick access to power or need to charge your indispensable electronics in an emergency. Slip a small, lightweight, and ready-to-use portable charger into a “you” bag to keep all tech-savvy needs powered up and going throughout the day.

Organizational Tools: Zippered Pouches

Every busy woman’s handbag needs organizational tools or pouches to separate contents. We advise using at least three of these for your favorite products, functional goods, and in-case-of-emergency essentials. Use one to hold hair and beauty supplies, another one for first-aid or health items, and another for organizing loose papers, such as notes, receipts, to-do lists, and business cards.

Write It Down: Pen and Paper

Most women have had this agonizing universal experience: needing to jot something down quickly and not finding a pen or blank piece of paper anywhere in their bag. For this reason, keep a smaller notepad and your favorite pens in a pocket or pouch. Even in our digital era, you may never know when this often-forgotten necessity will come in handy at the right moment.

Health Maintenance: Personal Care Products

In a world full of unknowns—and germs, bacteria, and illnesses—things such as hand sanitizer, wet wipes, pain relievers, eye drops, and tissues are must-haves to carry around in your crossbody or laptop bag. Keep these just-in-case essentials within reach to maintain healthy habits, so you don’t miss a beat.

Energy Fuel: Healthy Snacks

Let’s face it: when life gets busy, we can forget to fuel our bodies properly. Fortunately, a carryall bag can be the perfect on-the-go nutritional snack and refreshment cupboard. Nutritious no-mess snacks between meals are essential for maintaining energy and help prevent a mid-day crash.

Hydration Matters: A Reusable Water Bottle

What’s just as crucial as coffee for the modern-day woman to successfully conquer every busy, jam-packed day? Water. Adequate hydration is of the essence to continue looking and feeling at your best. Carry a reusable bottle while hustling and bustling around and stay hydrated.

Ready to let go of excess baggage? Don’t let your all-in-one bag become an endless black hole. You’ll be fine without the worries, woes, and things you carry around. All that extra weight on your shoulders—literally and figuratively—isn’t ideal for your well-being. Keep Francine’s list of essentials and collection of on-the-go bags in mind for wherever your journey leads.

Francine’s 10 Essentials for the Woman-on-the-Go

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