Francine’s 4 Essential Bags Every Woman Needs in Her Closet

When curating a wardrobe of apparel and accessories, how many essential bags does a modern working woman need? There is not a woman in the world who believes that one bag is enough for her multipurpose life.

At Francine Collections, there are four styles of bags that are absolute wardrobe essentials. High-quality, versatile choices are the keys to complementing your chosen look with style and functionality. Here are Francine’s four essential bags every woman needs in her closet to tell her unique story.

The Classic Structured Shoulder Bag

Structured bags with top handles and shoulder straps are chic options for an office. Depending on your career, these elegantly detailed bags are the best choices for carrying a laptop or portfolio to work.

The structured frames are both convenient and stylish—the linear silhouette is sure to make a sophisticated statement with workwear and everyday outfits alike. Opt for a neutral shade to add greater versatility to your closet or spice up a classic look with dynamic color.

The Convenient Sling or Crossbody

Crossbodies and sling bags have important spots in every woman’s wardrobe as user-friendly, safe styling options. As a traditionally slim bag, a standard crossbody is the ideal size for holding go-to belongings, such as your phone, keys, and wallet.

On the days you’re carrying fewer items, shopping, or traveling, a sleek crossbody sling bag is the optimal accessory must-have in your closet. Designate a favorite crossbody to roam effortlessly and stylishly wherever your journey leads.

The Carryall Grown-Up Backpack

No other bag brings back nostalgic childhood memories than a two-strapped backpack. Every adult woman needs a professional backpack in her life—no questions asked. Luckily, this type of fashion-forward bag has plenty of practical grown-up uses and space capacity.

Carry everything you need—including tech gadgets or clothes—in a convenient, easy-to-transport pack. Modern backpacks come in all sizes, styles, and materials. A carryall bag should suit a variety of daily outings, day trips, office commutes, and overnight travels.

The Carryall Roomy Tote Bag

Ladies on the go must have a roomy tote for carrying must-have items. You’ll find that this handbag staple comes in a wide array of styles and materials to fit one’s lifestyle. Choose a spacious option with interior pockets and plenty of room for organizational pouches—no one wants their bag to become a bottomless black hole. As catch-all heroines, women’s travel totes are perfect for going near and far, commuting to work, running errands, grocery shopping, and beach or pool fun days.

Today’s modern superwomen need a variety of dependable, stylish bags in their closets to provide balance and seamlessly transition from work to leisure life. Shop Francine Collections to discover a timeless selection of these four essential bags every woman needs in her closet. Our detailed designs offer affordability, functionality, and style. The bottom line is: walk in that room and own it. Your next best-loved bag awaits at Francine Collections.

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