Francine's How-to Arrive in Style & Command the Conference

Being dynamic in today's business environment, your chosen accessories must be functional and convey your personal brand. Elevate your presence at every occasion by making a statement with Francine Collections laptop bags.  

Tip #1: Plan Your Outfits in Advance 

Before you dive into the business details of the conference, plan your outfits. Lay them out a few days before; Consider the itinerary. Will there be a more formal dinner event? A casual mixer? Knowing the agenda can help you pack the right attire. Opt for fabrics that are wrinkle-resistant – materials like knit, lyocell, or certain synthetics in general. After a long journey, you arrive looking as polished as when you left.  


Tip #2: Rollers Are The Businesswoman's Essential  

Contemporary conferences demand agility, style and function. Moving between seminars, discussions, and networking breaks, your bag should be as dynamic as your schedule. Francine's rollers offer an ideal fusion of success.  

You, the modern professional, mobility is paramount. Francine Collections answers this need with precision, offering laptop bags that transition from an elegant tote to a functional roller, ensuring you're always prepared. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, Francine roller bags come with ample compartments and ease of use to facilitate organization.  


Tip #3: Own Your First Impression  

Your arrival at a conference isn’t just physical; it’s symbolic. Ensure you have your elevator pitch ready, those one or two sentences that succinctly sum up who you are and what you do. Your strong opening paves the way for fruitful interactions and positions you as the memorable person in the room.  


Introducing the Wheels Up Collection  

Wheels Up Rollers: Discerning professionals love Francine's Wheels Up Convertible Roller Backpack. This design embodies a perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and pragmatic design. The expandable main compartment, retractable handle, and finesse of vegan pebble-grain leather make it a must-have for every business traveler.  

 Colors To Choose From:  

  • Black w/ Blue Lining (BKBUDGRL_SM) 
  • Navy w/ Khaki Lining (BKBUDGRL_SM-NVY)  
  • Khaki w/ Khaki Lining (BKBUDGRL_SM-OLI)  


Wheels Up Roller from Left to Right Navy, Black, and Tan

Experience seamless transitions from business meetings to airport lounges with the unmatched elegance of Francine’s Wheels Up Roller Collection.  


Tip #4: Stay Energized and Hydrated  

Conferences can be draining. Remember to keep a water bottle in your bag and stay hydrated. Consider packing a few healthy snacks, almonds and protein bars, to ensure your energy levels remain steady. Being alert and active will enhance your networking capabilities and keep you at the top of your game.  Francine’s favorite are raisins, chocolate and nuts.  


Tip #5: Tap into Urban Elegance with Crossbodies 

When attending a conference, striking the right balance between professionalism and personal leisure is essential. The Miami City Slim Crossbody collection, designed to be the perfect skinny travel companion.  

Perfect for walking the conference floor or a casual evening exploring the city, our Miami crossbody sling backpack exemplifies versatility and style. Enjoy dedicated compartments for tech devices and a design that marries function with style, it's your professional travel accessory every conference-goer needs.   

Color To Choose From:  

  • Black w/ Fuchsia lining (CS3A)  
  • Green w/ Tan lining (CS3B)  
  • New color coming soon 

Tip #6: Digital Preparation  

Ensure all your electronic devices are fully charged and that you’ve backed up important presentations or documents to the cloud. You might also consider a portable charger or power bank. Being prepared digitally means you can focus on networking and learning, rather than looking for the nearest power outlet.  


With Francine Collections, you don't have to choose between utility and style. Make your mark at every event, convey confidence, and let your choice of accessories speak volumes about your dedication to excellence.

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