What To Consider When Choosing a Bag for 24/7 Use

The sidekick of every fashionable powerhouse woman is her handbag—a practical and stylish tool. From accessorizing outfits to staying prepared, bags provide numerous benefits. They play an essential role in keeping you organized, fashionable, and ready for anything. No outfit—or woman—is complete without her bag. Here are four things to consider when choosing the perfect handbag for everyday use.

Are You a Minimalist?

Aside from embellishing outfits, bags serve a more practical purpose. They store, carry, and conceal on-the-go essentials with style and grace. The number of items you get to transport depends on your bag’s size and carrying capacity.

If you like to overprepare and wish for a Mary Poppins bottomless bag—let’s be clear, we all wished for this at one point—a bigger handbag offers more benefits. On the other hand, you may prefer to live by the famous words of Socrates: “The secret to happiness…is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.” Maybe, as a minimalist, you simply prefer the ways of Marie Kondo. A smaller everyday bag, like a chic waist bag or laptop sleeve, may work better for you.

Are You Accident-Prone?

Everyday handbags see more opportunities for accidents than special-occasion clutches. They’re the ones that will suffer the occasional drink spill, scratch, or tear—always double-check that your water bottle and to-go coffee lid are secured tight. Everyday handbags travel the extra mile. They accompany you through everything.

High-quality, durable materials are a must for everyday bags. A bag with an easy-to-clean surface offers a bonus benefit. Ideal fabric linings to look out for include nylon and leather or vegan alternatives.

Do You Have Multiple Styles?

Styles are constantly evolving. One day, it’s a power-statement pantsuit, embracing our boss women flair. The next, we are kicking back in sweatpants and a hoodie. Everyday laptop bags should elevate your style for any and every day.

Statement bag designs produce eye-catching outfit accessories, but they don’t match everything, limiting your styling options. Instead of putting yourself in a box, pick a handbag that offers styling versatility. Look for colors, textures, and hardware accents that complement your signature looks. Neutrals, plain textures, and minimalistic detailing are a great place to start.

What Does a Day in Your Stylish Life Entail?

Each new day offers a blank slate. You may not always know what lies ahead. But there are certain items you can keep on hand, like tissues and stain-removing pads, that will have your back no matter what the day has in store. Your handbag itself can be the most reliable partner of all. Whether you are going through the motions or strutting on cloud nine, your handbag and what you carry in it will be your closest and most stylish companion.

If you like to carry a water bottle, look for a style with bottle pockets that help reduce accidental spills. Do you do a lot of traveling or like to keep your hands free? Choose a women’s laptop backpack or crossbody handbag. For carrying electronics and work items, a stylish ladies’ laptop bag from Francine Collections makes the best fit for your purposes.

When searching for your Francine Collections sidekick style, keep these four things to consider when choosing a laptop bag for 24/7 use in mind. Take on each day with a bag that meets your needs, provides practical use, and offers you the most versatility.

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