Francine Farkas Sears Recognized by Girl Scouts of CT with “Women Who Shine” Award

“For her exceptional efforts during the pandemic, and as one who has spent a lifetime mentoring girls and women, and, by example, shared the values of confidence, courage and hard work, as well as the importance of philanthropy, Francine Farkas Sears was honored with the prestigious Girl Scouts of CT “Women Who Shine” award at the 26th Annual Breakfast Badge Awards in Hartford on Thursday, Dec 8, 2022.” - Pam Johnson, Guilford Courier 

The Women Who Shine award was presented by Girl Scouts of Connecticut at their 26th Annual Breakfast Badge event to three women who have made a difference in other’s lives when the world came to a standstill in 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Breakfast Badge award recognized some of the work Francine has been inspired to do, including the re-organization & re-launch at the Branford Hospice, the donation of 20,000 KN95 Masks to undersupplied hospitals and serving on inner city School boards benefitting our Children.    

From left to Right: Robin Casolino, Shalilah Grayson, Francine Farkas Sears, Amorette Weeks, and Madalyn Cyka.  

Working with the Girl Scouts of Connecticut, Francine is continuously inspired to make a difference. 

Giving in 2020 When it Mattered Most FDA Masks   

The Pandemic brought hardship and sickness to so many. Do we cry or do we do? Francine’s overseas contacts enabled her and her dear friend Karen to take the lead to procure 20,000 FDA-Approved Protected Masks to several inner-city underequipped hospitals. It was her thank you to the frontline hospital teams of Connecticut, Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan. 

Food For Others 

It started one Thanksgiving, there were no turkeys at the CT food organizations to feed her neighbors. The Connecticut shoreline and other food organizations needed food. Francine and her team unloaded their warehouse with thousands of bags, roller cases, backpacks, computer bags, totes, sleeves and rollers. They lined the parking lot with bags that sold for $5, $10, $20, & $50. Shoppers know they’re getting the greatest deal of sample bags costing from $50-500. All proceeds of the sale went to the Community Dining Room in Connecticut for food for families and whoever was in need to eat. We were blessed; Our raised funds from the bag sales were surprisingly matched by generous neighbors. $10,000 raised was matched by $10,000, 3x over to $30,000. 

Mentoring Girls and Women  

Most importantly, so very many women that began their work with Francine, answering the phone, learning fashion, conducting outreach, have reached amazing heights in Francine’s companies and beyond. We are like Emergency Room doctors, to learn and excel in their own lives. Francine has passed future successes to women that came, stayed, or went on- just as the Girl Scouts did for her. 

We sincerely thank Barbara Pearce, Brittny Barnes, and Marie Gordon for their fine words and nomination of Francine for the Women Who Shine award presented by the Girl Scouts of Connecticut.   



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