Top 5 of the Biggest Handbag Trends in 2022

When chosen carefully and wisely from a curated collection, the right bag can last a woman her entire lifetime. Regardless of oscillating trends, personal style evolution, or everyday carrying needs, a good handbag investment is essential for cultivating the ultimate accessories wardrobe.

Fortunately, the seasonal handbag trends of this year continue to deliver timeless styles and versatile wearability for decades to come. If you’re searching high and low for a new bag to fall in love with, update your wardrobe with styles reflective of fashion and function. Here are the top five of the biggest handbag trends in 2022.

Minimalistic Design: Rolling Back to Work and Travel

The iconic look of symmetrical minimalistic design is this year's statement. For mobile on-the-go warriors, nothing beats this modern take on a classic style for everyday carrying, traveling, or business commuting. You’ll see rectangular-shaped roller bags with telescoping handles in various hues and textures. On-trend materials include soft leather, vegan leather, or fine nylon with multiple zippers and pockets. Opt for this bold iteration with clean, smooth lines to sharpen a daily look and roll smoothly into the office, airport, or coffee shop with all your necessities.

It’s All in the Details: Metal Hardware and Chains

Chunky chain details are among the biggest handbag trends in 2022. Signature gold or silver shiny hardware is at the core of numerous notable collections. You’ll find these powerful and prominent details on many contemporary styles for optimal wearability. Chain trims or handles are go-to “it” accessories to give classic ladies’ handbag shapes a recognizably fierce edge.

Fashion-Forward Rigidity: Structured Minimalism

Handbags shaped as sophisticated squares are smart investment pieces. These structured silhouettes came back into the trending charts this year to highlight the beauty of simultaneous form and function. Minimalists love the versatile concept of a sleek, sturdy bag that provides endless wearable possibilities—and will never go out of style.

Arm Candy: Statement Color or Glitzy Glamour

Need a subtle uplift of style in your life? No worries—choose from a plethora of mood-boosting arm candy options. Eye-catching bags with knock-out shades, shiny beads, or sparkling sequins bring a slice of beautiful elegance to the table. Prompted by the desire for escapism, this continued trend of statement shades and embellishments showcases unique style and sophistication.

Carryall Schlepping: Spacious Totes

Go big or go home. The tote bag styles of this year may be the perfect fit for you. You’ll have plenty of room for all the must-have essentials for travel, work, play, or running errands. A supersized, slouchy, or formed classic tote is an idyllic stylish travel companion to take on planes, trains, automobiles, and even on foot. Opt for a pop of color or texture to accentuate the practical and professional look.

Francine Collections carries a chic selection of women’s travel bags you can add to your wardrobe essentials. Shop by thoughtful design, favorite silhouette, or personal taste to incorporate a trendy-but-timeless handbag into your very own capsule collection. You’re sure to become smitten with one of these elevated accessories for a myriad of workday or off-day occasions.

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