5 Ways To Express Your Personal Style at Work & Beyond

As author Charlotte Brontë expressed in Jane Eyre, “I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.” Where does your identity lie? How do you freely and creatively choose to express it?

Many of us shape our core identities around our loved ones, values, interests, and careers. As women, what does this fashioning tell about us? Can we fluently express ourselves in the hustle and bustle of life with the style of our everyday attire? To answer these questions, explore the following five ways to express your personal style at work and beyond. Mold what you wear and adorn into a unique expression of your personal signature.

Stick to a Certain Color Scheme

To kickstart the styling process, take a peek into your current wardrobe—what color palette does your closet have? Are there telltale signs of color schemes? You don’t have to wear specific hues every day, but if you notice a pattern, stick to it to narrow down your personal style. Perhaps neutrals are your thing, or maybe pops of vibrant shades are an outfit staple. Either way, your color choices have the inherent ability to stir up emotions and send expressive visual messages.

Complement Clothes to Your Body Shape

Revolve your workwear-and-beyond wardrobe around the assurance of feeling comfortable yet confident in whatever apparel you wear to the office. This means opting for stylish clothing that fits your individual body shape properly and reflects a polished and sharpened look. Wear interesting silhouettes, statement pieces, and professionally tailored items to flatter your unique figure.

Turn to Tasteful and Playful Textures

Turn to the wonder of texture to express your personal style at work and beyond. Once you are relaxed with your team or daily environment, experiment with assorted fashion trends and textiles. Balance traditional elements with non-traditional, including embroidery, lace, beading, animal prints, or unpredictable fabrics.

Step Up Your Business Bag and Shoe Game

In the current fashion climate, there’s no need to sacrifice your passion for fashion in the workplace. The right pair of stylish shoes and complementary business bag set the tone for any outfit. Play to the strength of your fashion game and coordinate your stunning all-day bag with a smart shoe. The perfect match suits your inner soul. Opt for bags and footwear—such as loafers, heels, flats, and boots—that add chic power to your workwear wardrobe and coordinate with your work-life balance. Slip on a cozy pair of sneakers and grab a sleek carryall tote to effortlessly transform your look for your after-hours lifestyle.

Let Trademark Accessories Do the Talking

All fashionable women of the world have a signature item integral to their personal style. For some, that characteristic trademark lies in their day-to-day accessories. Accessorizing reigns supreme for spicing up an ensemble and incorporating expressive style elements, whether through hoop earrings, a classy vest, or a great tote bag.

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