What Does Your Handbag Say About Your Personality?

Your bag is one of your most important accessories because it carries everything you’ll need and adds some flair to your outfit. You may wonder what your handbag says about your personality since everything in fashion reflects something about you! After all, there are so many choices, and each one looks different. Find out what your bag says about you in this post.

A Bag for Each Personality

Are you always having what friends need, whether it’s tissues or a pocket mirror? Or maybe you like to keep busy after work and hit the gym. Regardless of which category you fall into, your laptop bag reflects this. Below, we’ve taken a deep dive into what your handbag style says about your personality.


You love the classic things! Every woman needs a tote, especially when it doubles as a laptop bag. If this is your go-to, you’re the friend and coworker who’s always prepared; you’ve got everything you need in your bag and more.


A backpack means you’re always on the go and searching for the next big adventure. Chances are you travel a lot, and if you’ve got a laptop backpack, you probably even travel for work. You love this bag because you can safely store your laptop, some clothing, toiletries, and some other essentials in it. And you always look fabulous as you sport your bag around the airport.

Crossbody Bag

You like practical things and easy access to all your belongings; you can sort through them while you’re on the move to find what you need. And chances are, you only pack the things you know you’ll need, so you’re also a planner. You like to get things done in a timely manner so you can focus on the tasks you’ve planned for the day.

Roller Tote Bag

You do it all! You can fit everything you’d need into this stylish bag, and as a bonus, it’s easy to carry! Maybe you travel a lot for work and need a safe and elegant place to store everything. Or perhaps you’re an independent travel blogger, and seeing the world is your way of working. Bottom line, if you have a roller bag, you’re always on the move and have a lot to take with you.

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Bag Color and Personality

The color of your bag says just as much about your personality as the style does. Why? Because every color has a symbolic meaning. For example, think about it—many of us associate yellow with warmth and sunshine.

Neutral Colors

Plenty of us have at least one neutral-colored bag in our wardrobe because it easily pairs with every outfit. But each of these options says something slightly different about you.


White shows that you’re elegant and like having accessories that match everything you wear. A white bag also shows your care. Any bit of dirt or a spill could leave a stain on your bag, but you always keep it appearing pristine.


You’re a fan of the classics but want something that stands out more than black or white. Like owners of the white bag, you’re careful with your belongings and always keep them looking as good as new. A gray bag also has a simple yet sophisticated look.


You’re classy if you love black purses, totes, backpacks, etc. You prefer to walk with your head held high and get things done promptly. Black always looks professional, and you radiate expertise in the workplace.

Bright and Colorful

Everyone needs at least one colorful bag because they’re fun and make for a great accessory. But sometimes you need a pop of one specific color, and when you make it your handbag, that colorful addition stands out!


A red bag catches the eye, whether it’s bright red, crimson, or burgundy. Red bags show you’re confident in yourself and your abilities and passionate about life. Everyone knows you’re enthusiastic about everything you do when you have a burgundy laptop bag. Plus, red looks fabulous with everything!


You’re strategic and bold. Green is incredibly versatile and pairs great with most colors and shades. It looks wonderful with navy, burgundy, pink, and so on! Green also says you’re rather analytical and calm.


If your go-to is a blue bag, you’re empathetic and a great communicator; you are also calm most of the time. You always think about how you can help your colleagues in the office. Many of us also associate blue with loyalty and peace.

Tips for Buying the Perfect Handbag

We all have different definitions of the ideal bag because we all have varying style preferences. And that’s the beautiful thing about fashion—it celebrates our individuality! So no matter the style or color you like, you can find it in a handbag. Knowing what your handbag says about your personality can help you narrow your choices by telling you the statement each one makes.

Ask Yourself Questions

It can be difficult to decide on one option, especially once you start shopping. Ask yourself a few questions:

  • How much do I need to carry?
  • What feels most comfortable?
  • What color do I like most?
  • Would one color pair best with my outfits?

This helps you narrow down your options to find the right bag. For example, if you have a lot to carry and know it may be heavy, a backpack or roller bag would be best. From here, narrow down colors based on what you own and whether you want a purse that’s a statement piece or prefer it to match your clothing perfectly. There is no right or wrong answer to any of these questions. Fashion is about showing off your personality, so get bold if you want to!

Shop for Quality

When buying a bag, especially a laptop bag, you need to purchase something that’s quality. Poorly made bags don’t have the support to keep all your belongings safe. Francine Collections sells stylish and durable laptop bags that you’ll love. Browse our wide collection to find a bag you’ll enjoy using every day. With the perfect bag, you’ll always be ready to accomplish each daily goal you set for yourself.

What Does Your Handbag Say About Your Personality?

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